Diddy 50
Client: Sean Combs
Role(s): Creative Director, Production Designer 
Winter 2019

Diddy 50 was an immersive one night event that celebrates the 50th birthday of Sean Combs. Through the halls of Diddy's art collection to the eclectic celebration outside, Diddy 50 reflects on the accomplishments of the consummate impresario and party host.

Sean Combs approached me to design an evening of reverence and festivities for his 50th Birthday. Within his minimal Bel Air estate, we brought light to his collection of art by Michael Benisty, Ai Weiwei, Anish Kapoor, Keith Haring and Kerry James Marshall, accentuating his success as a creative visionary, music mogul, and entrepreneur. As the guest walks through this personal museum, they are met by a monumental, monolithic structure in his backyard, flooded with champagne lighting and the exuberant sound of music. Under a backlit eclipse, an infinity dance floor provides a canvas for celebration, where the party never ends.