Sixth Collection Film
Client: Fear of God
Role(s): Production Design
Fall 2018

The Fear of God Sixth Collection is a large-scale multi-dimensional experience meant to take journeymen through a desolate environment with scant traces of life. The environment is meant to evoke feelings of solitude, loneliness, and redemption. From this perspective, we highlight the beauty of the clothing presented, the soul of the materials of which it's made, and the spirit of the collection.  

With actor Jared Leto and model Maggie Maurer traversing the space with a majestic-looking horse, the installation is injected with new life. The ability to leverage a three-dimensional world with few boundaries allow them to fully adapt to their new environment and give onlookers a myriad of perspectives through which they can absorb the elements of this unfamiliar space. As one watches the story unfold, a song by Canadian R&B duo, dvsn, fills the background.