One Touch Virtual Reality (1TVR)
Roles: Project Lead, Product Manager
Fall 2017

As part of the work-process overhaul at Walt Disney Imagineering and other segments of The Walt Disney Company (including Lucasfilm and Pixar), I developed the Disney One-Touch platform and interface. Disney One-Touch is a proprietary VR pre-vizualization platform that allows design teams to view spaces and experiences before they are built. 

Born out of a need to streamline the physical and digital modelmaking design and review process, Disney One-Touch aims to accentuate the benefits of both mediums. While physical models are used to analyze forms, light, and spatial relationships, Disney One-Touch is used to review quick iterations, scale, and sightlines.

The Disney One-Touch experience is built around teams being able to collaborate within the virtual space. Once a designer uploads a model to the cloud through the Disney One-Touch plugin, it is accessible to authorized collaborators around the world for review sessions. Once in a review session, multiple users can be in the model together in VR and collaborators not in VR can view the experience and even drive the experience through the Disney One-Touch touchscreen console. These drivers can navigate the model, highlight locations, take screenshots, and make notes in real time. Once the session has ended all notes, screenshots, and recordings are distributed to the attendees.